I'm a Financial Consultant with a heart of a Police Officer.

Your financial security and freedom is my priority.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Our actions and decisions today shape the way we will live in the future.


A Leap of Faith – From Police Officer to Financial Consultant

September 17, 2018
| 9 minutes read | About a year ago in October 2017, I made the toughest decision of my life - I decided to leave the Singapore Police Force (my...
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Why do I need ECI/CI Coverage when I have Medical Insurance?

October 4, 2018
| 5 minutes read | The "Unravel" series consist of articles that provide answers to the common questions that most of my clients have in my course of financial consulting....
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Low COE: To buy or not to buy

December 3, 2018
| 9 minutes read | Through my course of Financial Consulting, several clients and friends have been asking me, “Joyce, why don’t you buy a car?” I usually reply, “It’s...
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From Ignorance to Pursuit: 4 reasons why MDRT matters to my clients and I

April 25, 2019
| 14 minutes read | "Joyce, I've got good news." my manager (the guy is awesome and I'll write about his management style soon), Raymond Sim, said to me in August...
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Why I say “No”​ to 30-min appointments

June 17, 2019
| 3 minutes read | “Hi Joyce, let’s meet on Wednesday. I’ll have 30 minutes for you over lunch.” This is all fine and dandy if the appointment is to...
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6 things I wish to tell my 23 y.o. self

September 19, 2019
| 7 minutes read | "I've gotten my first pay! After 20+ years in the education system, I'm finally a salaried working adult! There are so many things I want to...
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"To mention that Joyce is an excellent financial advisor is probably an understatement. Throughout the planning, my well-being was her priority and she put in effort to analyse and recommend plans that are best suited for me. Joyce is earnest and articulate in turning jargons into layman terms. She is one of the best advisors out there and is someone whom you can definitely trust to recommend the right plans."

Andrew, Communications Specialist


“After buying multiple insurance policies and doing periodic financial reviews with other financial consultants, I always had the perception that I am well covered even though I did not know or understand the details of my policies. However, my opinion totally changed after I met Joyce. Not only did she identify gaps in my existing coverage, she made it easier for me to remember the important details of my policies. Most importantly, I gained a lot of knowledge and received fresh and objective perspectives on both my protection and investment policies from her. She is now my most trusted financial consultant and I would highly recommend her.”

Wei Jie, IT Professional


“It is rare to find a financial consultant who chose this field with the passion to help people. Joyce dishes advice to help you plan for the future, and encourages take up of plans catered to your circumstances and priorities. No hard selling, just candid, grounded advice. When we contemplated a switch in policy from another company, she even advised us against it after evaluating the financial implications for us.”

Nicole, General Manager