Past Present

After obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Economics from SMU, I dived into a 6-year journey with the Singapore Police Force. I spent 4 years on the ground where I was trained to listen, analyse and problem solve under critical and intense situations. In my last posting in a staff department, I expertised in strategic planning and managed a large budget for the optimisation of ground processes. In short, the Police Force had taught me to listen, empathise and plan on both the personal and organisational level.

I chose to become a Financial Consultant as I developed a passion to speak to people about their financial plans. I felt that this was a career where I can have deep conversations with people throughout my years. I believe that it is time that we, as a generation, took more control in our personal financial planning. They say that knowledge is power - I've set my personal goal to empower more individuals and families in setting their financial plans right.

When I'm not consulting, I'm most likely upgrading myself in little ways - analysing the news, gearing up for a climbing session, or engulfed in a book. Speak to me and you'll find that I have an opinion on pretty much anything.